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Franchise Consultants. Every Step of the Way.

More than Franchise Consultants. We are"Your Partners."

At FranFinders, we are more than franchise consultants. We are "Your Partners." Throughout your franchise search, from the Initial Call to your Grand Opening, we are with you "Every Step of the Way."

By partnering with us, you get our Experience, Knowledge and proven 10 Step Franchise-Buying Process that will bring Clarity and Direction to your franchise search. Gain Confidence, knowing that you are partnering with professionals. Additionally, we are a No-Fee consultancy firm. This allows you to conduct your franchise search on your schedule, not ours.

The FranFinders Story

Rob & Sue Bennett - FranFinders

FranFinders was co-founded by Rob and Sue Bennett after both were downsized from their corporate positions.

It was in December, 2008 that Rob came home and told Sue that he was laid off from his engineering job. Earlier that same year, Sue had also been downsized with a mortgage company. Confronted with concurrent job losses was challenge they had never anticipated.

But that adversity made them reevaluate their life path. They founded FranFinders with the hope to help others faced with the same circumstances.

Today, their desire is to help others learn how to search for the right business by using their proven, 10 Step Franchise-Buying Process and to encourage them to make the changes necessary to accomplish their dreams of owning a business.

Since 2008, they have partnered with hundreds of people and helped them achieve their dreams of business ownership. Take the next step and "Get Started."

Your Partners. Every Step of the Way.
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