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Franchise Consultants. With You at Every Step.

More than Franchise Consultants. We are "Your Partners."

At FranFinders, we are more than franchise consultants, we are "Your Partners." Throughout your franchise search, from the Initial Call to your Grand Opening, we are with you "Every Step of the Way."

By partnering with us, you get our Experience, Knowledge and proven 10-Step Franchise-Buying Process that will bring Clarity and Direction to your franchise search. Gain Confidence, knowing that you are partnering with professionals. Additionally, we are a No-Fee consultancy firm. This allows you to conduct your franchise search on your schedule, not ours.

Since 2008, we have partnered with hundreds of clients and helped them achieve their dreams of business ownership. Take the next step and "Get Started."

FranFinders. "Your Partners. Every Step of the Way."
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  • FranFinders Vision Statement: As a world-class and global leader in the franchise consultancy industry, we will continue to expand our knowledge to use the most innovative tools that will provide the necessary information to make an informed buying decision.
  • The overall U.S. economy is slowly recovering from the 2008 shake-up. There have been incremental gains in employment figures, the stock markets have recovered and housing industry has been inching back. Additionally, the automotive segment is also making gains.
  • As we work with our clients that are seeking the best franchise to invest in, they always ask which market segments are growing and have high future potential. Without hesitation we respond with, ‚ÄúSenior care."
  • Have you thought of taking your franchise business abroad? International Development Consultancy Company, World Franchise Associates, helps franchise owners do just that. By serving as a mediator between a franchisor and an interested market, World Franchise Associates is able to deliver area-development, multi-unit, master and multi-country agreements.
  • Because there is so much emphasis placed on good health and fitness in this day and age, fitness franchises are definitely a worthwhile pursuit. If you are looking for a franchise to create or one to invest in, there is a variety of different fitness franchise options for you to consider including gym franchises, trainer franchises and other fitness-related...

From Our Clients

FranFinders went beyond my expectations. They kept me informed and involved throughout the entire franchise buying process. I especially valued their personalized consultation throughout the validation phase. Their guidance and expertise helped me make a confident franchise buying decision. I could never had done this without them. From Our Clients

- M. Wengerd
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