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Franchise Consultants. Every Step of the Way.

More than Franchise Consultants. We are"Your Partners."

At FranFinders, we are more than franchise consultants. We are "Your Partners." Throughout your franchise search, from the Initial Call to your Grand Opening, we are with you "Every Step of the Way."

By partnering with us, you get our Experience, Knowledge and proven 10 Step Franchise-Buying Process that will bring Clarity and Direction to your franchise search. Gain Confidence, knowing that you are partnering with professionals. Additionally, we are a No-Fee consultancy firm. This allows you to conduct your franchise search on your schedule, not ours.

The FranFinders Story

Rob & Sue Bennett - FranFinders

We co-founded FranFinders in 2008 and we had no idea that we would have been so instrumental in the success of hundreds of our franchise clients. We started our business, just like so many of our clients begin. We were downsized in 2008 from our “good” corporate positions and the job market was very limited due to the economic downturn. We did what our parents told us to do: get a good education, work hard and you will find a good job. Even though we followed that formula, it did not serve us well. And, with a lot of hesitation, we took the plunge and started our business journey.

Fast forward to today--So what makes us different from other Franchise Consultancy firms? When we work with a client, we discuss “the end in mind.” How do you create wealth by owning a franchise and having multiple streams of income? Studying sectors, analyzing their growth patterns, knowing how to fund the transaction and completing all due diligence are just a few of the areas we guide you throughout the process. Additionally, to reassure that your risk is minimized when purchasing a franchise, we utilize third-party experts to reassure you that we are not biased in our proposals to you.

Finally, we study the trends that are going in our industry so that every client is well-informed and competitively positioned to succeed. Finding a franchise is not for the “do it yourselfer.” Let us partner with you so that you can create a legacy for you and your family. We are a no-fee consultancy and funding firm and we have the end in mind for you—we want you succeed financially and really enjoy what you are doing.

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Your Partners. Every Step of the Way.
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