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    FranFinders, headquartered in Charlotte, NC, has partnered with prospective franchise buyers since 2008 and have helped hundreds of clients chose the right franchise.

    Rob & Sue Bennett - FranFindersFranFinders was co-founded by Rob and Sue Bennett after both were downsized from their corporate positions.

    It was in December, 2008 that Rob came home and told Sue that he was laid off from his engineering job. Earlier that same year, Sue had also been downsized with a mortgage company. Dealing with two concurrent job losses was almost more than they could handle.

    With the holidays right around the corner, they thought they were doomed. They had young children at the time and they were afraid that would not survive financially. It was the first time they were without a paycheck throughout their working lives.

    But that adversity made them reevaluate where their lives were headed. Shortly thereafter, they began searching for a business to start, as opposed to looking for another job.

    They discovered an opportunity that allowed Sue to use her finance skills and Rob his engineering background. That opportunity was to become franchise consultants. They attended a franchise expo, researched the profession, made the decision to proceed and never looked back. Within a few months of launching their consulting business, they had begun assisting others in finding a franchise. By year’s end, they had placed thirteen others in their own business. From their own experience, they helped others achieve their goals.

    After talking with thousands of people, they have found a common thread that connects those looking to start a business. That is, everyone has a dream to accomplish more in their lives and to make the change, they must take charge, and pursue their desire to own a business.

    Their desire is to help each person they work with learn how to search for the right business by using the proven, 10 Step Franchise-Buying Process, and to encourage them to make the changes necessary to accomplish their dreams of owning a business.

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