• Franchise FAQs

    What is a Franchise?

    A franchise is actually an agreement between two independent parties which grants certain rights and sets obligations. Some of these are:

    The right to market a product or service under a trademark or trade name
    The right to market a product or service using particular operating methods
    The obligation of the Franchisee to pay Franchisor for rights
    The obligation of the Franchisor to provide training

    This agreement is the foundation of a successful franchise system.

    What Does a Franchise Consultant Do?

    A franchise consultant is an expert in the field of franchising. They assist franchise buyers in selecting a franchise that meets a specific set of buyer objectives.

    We partner with you and provide our Experience, Knowledge and proven 10-Step Franchise-Buying Process, to give you Clarity and Direction in your franchise search. Be Confident knowing you are partnering with professionals.

    How Can FranFinders Help Me?

    As we partner with you in your franchise search, we will understand your reasons for owning a franchise. Through asking questions and listening to your responses, we can begin to understand you goals. This will bring Clarity and Direction to your search.

    Now that we understand what you want to accomplish, we then continue with our 10-Step Franchise-Buying Process which is a step-by-step plan to help you in your franchise search.

    How Does FranFinders Get Paid?

    We are a No-Fee consultancy firm. We are compensated by the franchisor for providing them with high-quality, high-character referrals such as our clients.

    Since we do not charge you an hourly rate or retainer fee, you can focus on your search, not the costs. This allows you to conduct your franchise search on your schedule, not ours.

    What is the Process for Buying a Franchise?

    To keep you on track to reaching your goals, we use a proven 10-Step Franchise-Buying Process. At each step, we make sure you are fully engaged and informed.

    Our 10-Step Franchise-Buying Process:

    • Initial Call
    • Matching
    • Presentation
    • Introductions
    • Document Review
    • Validation Calls
    • Discovery Day
    • Agreement
    • Purchase
    • Grand Opening
    By following our process, you will have a clear path to accomplishing your goals of buying the right franchise.

    How Long Will it Take to Be in Business?

    On average, once you begin your search and start the 10-Step Franchise-Buying Process, it usually takes up to 5 or 6 months to buy a franchise.

    Without an experienced partner or a proven plan, it may take up to a year or more to make a decision.

    What Type of Franchise Financing is Available?

    There are multiple options for funding as outlined on the Franchise Financing overview page.

    The options include: 401K/IRA Funding, Unsecured Lines of Credit, SBA Loans, Securities-Based Lines of Credit and Home Equity Lines of Credit. We will help you determine the best combination of financial strategies that fit your specific situation.

    Do I Need Previous Experience to Buy a Franchise?

    No, but it helps.

    Many franchisors do not require you have a background in their industry. When you speak to the franchisor, they typically will tell you what qualifications you need to be a successful franchisee. Basically, if you follow the franchise system the way it is outlined, you have a high probability of success.

    What is the Next Step?

    Simply select the "Get Started" button. We will then contact you to understand your objectives and determine the next steps.

    Be Confident in your franchise search. Partner with us.

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