• 401K/IRA Funding

    Unleash Your Retirement Funds

    401K/IRA Funding allows you to convert (rollover) your retirement funds into a self-directed IRA, whereby you can purchase a franchise business without early withdrawal tax penalties. By investing your own money into your business, you avoid debt, allowing your business to quickly achieve positive cash-flows.

    To be eligible, you would need to have left the original employer who sponsored your 401K. It is also recommended you have a minimum of $25,000 in your account. Also, you are not required to rollover the entire balance, partial rollovers are acceptable. Additionally, traditional IRA's are also eligible, but as of this time, Roth IRA's are not allowed.

    In addition to starting your business debt-free, there are other options:

    • Pay yourself a salary, even from the start of your business
    • Funding typically takes under 2 weeks
    • Your FICO score does not affect eligibility
    • Faster equity build up
    • No loan-payments
    As "Your Partner," we will work with you to determine if 401K/IRA Funding is right for your situation.

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