Franchise Success Stories

Since 2008, we have Partnered with our Clients, helping them Achieve their Dreams of Business Ownership.

"Going into business for yourself and finding the right company is daunting task with so many decisions to make. I am so very grateful for Sue Bennett of FranFinders who was my touchstone throughout the process. She listened to my needs, provided contacts, options, coordinated calls with the best ranked potential companies in my market and provided all the documentation for my research that I needed to make the right decision for me. This is an amazing company and with Sue's help I now own my own business and am confident it will be a success."

- P. Coleman

"FranFinders was very responsive and professional throughout our process leading to the purchase of a franchise business. Their patience and counsel was very reassuring as we considered many options. I never felt rushed but FranFinders kept me on track toward a successful choice!"

- R. Poterack

"I recommend FranFinders when you are in the market for a new business. Not only do they show you many different opportunities, they help you see the good and the bad within each one. This allows you to make an informed decision based on facts that you may not have been able to find for yourself, but they do it in a way that allows you, as a consumer, to make your own decision with no influence from them. They are there to present franchises to you and support you in your decision, without being pushy or opinionated. I would not have been comfortable with the process without them. "

- K. Fleckenstein

"FranFinders is the BEST! They are very helpful in searching and helping you find the best franchise to fit your needs. Not only do they help you find it, but they partner with you, give you sound advice and stick with you until the very end. Thank you FranFinders."

- R. Gray

"FranFinders was able to analyze my strengths and weaknesses through thought provoking discussions, and came up with a variety of franchise opportunities. FranFinders is a professional, transparent company that puts the needs of their clients first."

- D. Casanta

"FranFinders really took care of me through the search for the business. I ended up going with a business opportunity instead of a franchise after talking with FranFinders about each and how they work. Finally after looking at many businesses, FranFinders stayed patient with me and I was able to pick a business with which I felt comfortable!"

- M. Reischer

"FranFinders gives you advice on what to do. I had good luck in finding a franchise with their service."

- G. Stipe

"FranFinders is accurate and sincere. They are good at providing options to their clients."

- M. Ghabrial

"They are very thorough, patient and not pushy at all. FranFinders is good to work with."

- J. Brester

"They will look for the best franchise fit for you. They also took the time to get to know me to be able find the best match."

- M. Bailey

"If you want a trustworthy consultant, contact FranFinders. They will take your interests and provide you with multiple opportunities."

- L. Rauch

"They were very helpful and very candid. They helped reduce the anxiety I had over buying a franchise."

- L. Sampson

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